It has come to my attention that some of my friends and family will be keeping up with my blog.  Since they don't know much about what I talk about, I created this little cheat-sheet quick reference definitions.

For wild wacky definitions for some things you may see on this site please refer to Kerri's abso-fucking-lutely hilarious Diabetes Terms of Endearment

A1C = lab test that reflects your average blood glucose level over the last 3 months.  Probably the most important test result for a diabetic.  Recommended result under 6.5%
BG = Blood Glucose
PWD = Person/People With Diabetes
DOC = Diabetic Online Community
Endo  =  Endocrinologist, Diabetes specialist
CDE  =  Certified Diabetes Educator
Ketones  = Fatty acid build-up in the blood and urine from high BG's see here.
mmol/l = Metric measurement of glucose in the blood. Should be 4-7mmol/l
mg/dl  =  Imperial measurement of glucose in the blood. Should be 64-104mg/dl
Meter  =  Device used to measure blood glucose.  Often referred to as a 'Glucometer'.
Lancet  =  Device used to prick the finger in order to get blood for testing.
Strips  =  Sticks into the meter, the place where I put my blood to get a reading.
Hypoglycemia = Low Blood Sugar
Hyperglycemia = High Blood Sugar
Basal  =  Background Insulin delivered every few minutes throughout the day
Temp Basal  =  A percentage of regular basal either high or low to counteract long durations of high or low BG's
Bolus  =  Insulin dose given rapidly all at once right before meals
CGM  =  Continuous Glucose Monitor, measures blood glucose readings every 5 minutes.
Sensor  =  the gadget inserted under the skin that transmits the readings wirelessly to my insulin pump.
Medtronic  =  The maker of my insulin pump
Infusion Set  =  the insulin delivery gadget inserted under the skin
Sillouhette  =  The type of infusion set I usually use.  See here.
Quick Set  =  Another type of infusion set I use.  See here.
Sen Serter  =  Evil gadget used to insert the sensors