Friday, June 14, 2013

June 12 of 12

I missed last month which bums me out. So here goes for June!

1. Good morning low blood sugar, how are you? Guess that ride last night was harder than I thought.

2. Mid-morning. This stuff is the shit. I buy out Target any time I'm in the states.

3. Chlorophyll water. Tastes like grass and I like it.

4. I went to have my post-op check-up from laser eye surgery. This is the leftover damage from the procedure. It doesn't hurt, it just looks ugly.

5. Sticker of Ganesh on the window on my car. This is my second car with this sticker. He is supposed to be a "protector of obstacles." I'm totally non-religious in every sense but I picked up these stickers in India and I think he's perty darn cute. Plus, people always recognize my car.

6. Had time to kill before the MEC ladies only group ride. I am almost totally vegan. EXCEPT for the need for cream in my coffee.  Haven't been able to change that yet.

7. Hanging out in my car waiting for the ride.

8. New work on the sleeve last week. Eventually it will all come together. Eventually.

9. It's supposed to be a women's only ride but it hasn't gained a lot of interest yet. There was only three of us and 1 was a boy. You can tell by the blurriness that we were going like, super fast. :P

10. Turning the camera on myself.

11. Something pretty

12. I'm down to this many drugs at night. I'm still struggling with side effects so I'm holding steady at this dose for awhile before going lower. This has been a very hard road to get off these drugs. I can't believe how much of a huge affect these wee little granules have on me.


  1. Love the Ganpati sticker! Now I want a ladoo.

  2. I love these posts from you! I look forward to them every month. And the new sleeve is looking fabulous!

  3. Regarding #4... I was actually going to ask if the piercings hurt. Is that wrong? Glad your eyes are doing great.

  4. you are my 12 of 12 HERO! i even have a reminder set on my phone and I can't seem to remember to do it...or it always seems like the 12th is so damn boring that i can't seem to want to take pictures of it!!

    when we did (past tense!) no dairy the coffee thing was HARD! nothing quite like cow in the coffee...just doesn't taste or feel right with anything else!

  5. I love that Justin's butter too---hazelnut or almond---it's a tie for me. Do you only like the little packets, for sports reasons? We buy it by the jar. Sometimes I accidentally eat it with a spoon until it is gone.

    1. I buy whatever I can get my grubby hands on. I get them when I'm in the States which is not very often. My favourite is the Almond Maple ones. I do prefer them in the packages because I take them to work and its easy to carb count. I know if I had a jar of the stuff it would be gone in no time.


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