Thursday, March 14, 2013

March 12 of 12

It's that time again.
I could swear I just did one of these things. *FUCK* there, I swore.

1. Yeah I'm THAT girl. I love raw veggies.

2. Coffee lunch.

3. Driving and yes, eating carrot sticks.

4. Trying to fill up on the fact that I don't have very many pictures for today.

5. I had errands to do after work including stopping at the store to buy some of this. I admit, I have "issues".

6. I always love stopping and checking out the greeting cards at Whole Foods. This one had me giggling like a kid for obvious reasons. Fart humour! The "POP" one had me in stitches.

7. My car was way over-due.

8. It was dentist appointment day. They have a ceiling mounted TV which is a really good distraction sometimes. If hygienists could heckle, I got heckled and I couldn't talk back! Damn that woman. I mean yeah, maybe I need to brush better but I was helpless to attempt to defend myself. Nothing like having a mouthful of hands that aren't yours.

9. I'm tempted to throw this thing in the trash if the landlord doesn't take it down. It's MARCH woman! Let it NOT snow thankyouverymuch.

10. I'm doing this neat photo-a-day challenge for March that my sister sent me. Errr... though I've been doing a 365 for a few years (see flickr side bar) this one has a prompt for each day. Today was "what's in my fridge".

11. We were watching the final episode of the Bachelor. Don't judge! I like getting my drama fix and sometimes yelling at the TV. Recently Ryan actually got into it. I didn't like this picture though.

12. So I tried taking another one but he kept making funny faces and this is what I was left with. 

See ya next month suckers.


  1. The only thing better than "fart humor" is "fart HUMOUR". I know that's not what you intended for your readers to take away from this post, but it's got me giggling like a five-year-old.

  2. I remembered too late to do my 12 this's to April!

    love guys are too cute!

  3. Geez get a room you two. Wait... that is our room.


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