Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November 12 of 12

Yeah yeah yeah... I know I'm late at posting this.

Can I just say that a Monday 12 of 12 couldn't possibly be any more boring. Seriously, this is rather lame.

See side bar over yonder for previous 12 of 12's as per usual.

1. Ryan concentrating on writing his list of things to do.

2. All i need to survive in the morning

3. Sunrise on my way to work

4. This little bugger was stinging like hell. It was giving me a rash so I took off the Tegaderm for a bit.

5. Driving home. In the rain.

6. Still driving home. In the rain.

7. Needing a spin to unwind.

8. Cucumber, tomato and feta. 

9. Back to work. Freelance this time.

10. Getting the coffee maker for another day of the same things.

11. Thankful for site changes. The one in my arm was failing all day.

12. Welcome to diabetes and all it's little friends. Meds I was supposed to start two years ago. I resisted and resisted until I realized I couldn't change what I wanted to change naturally after 2 years of struggling. 

Boring right? Yeah, I know.


  1. Nope, not boring.
    I enjoy peeking into your day!
    Have a good WDD, today!

  2. After taking one picture around 1am on the 12th, I decided to let this 12th just come a go....Mondays suck too much to document! ;)
    Love that sunrise!!


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